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Concrete Pavers

The possible applications for pavers are only limited by your imagination. Create a scenic walkway in a beautiful backyard garden. A variety of hues and textures allow you to have unlimited possibilities to both compliment and enhance the natural beauty of any surrounding while being friendly to the environment. From palatial outdoor entertaining areas to pool decks with a relaxing spa-like feel, you can count on unsurpassed strength and flexibility. Concrete pavers can withstand the forces of weather, water and traffic. Plus, they are especially designed to withstand freeze-thaw conditions, making them a good choice for cool as well as warm climates.

Jones Curb Appeal has teamed up with Interlock Paving Systems Inc. and is now a distributor and installer of concrete pavers.  Additionally, we sell all the materials needed to maximize your outdoor living space with a design that is all your own.  We offer concrete pavers in 10 baseline colors, 11 transitional composite blends, 13 normal shapes, and 13 limited production shapes.  

Why use concrete pavers?  There are lots of practical applications for concrete pavers, making them a favorite among builders, contractors, and owners of commercial and residential properties. The various applications of concrete pavers include:

  • Patios. Probably the most common application of concrete pavers. Patios made of colorful and interesting pavers are almost sure to captivate onlookers’ attention and elicit sighs of admiration. With the various design options at your disposal, you can achieve practically every imaginable theme for your patio.

  • Driveways. It’s always a pleasure to drive in and out of your property with a scenic driveway to please your eyes. And some of the best driveways are made of premium quality concrete pavers from reputable materials suppliers. If you want your driveway to truly stand out, then choose concrete paver.

  • Walkways/Pathways. Walkways and pathways become more enticing to walk on when they’re made of fine concrete paver pieces. Moreover, various design patterns can be created with this paving material.

  • Decks. Pool decks are constantly wet and slippery and are thus hazardous to everyone taking a dip. Eliminate such risk by opting for non-slip paving materials like concrete pavers.

  • Outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens can be made more attractive by incorporating a concrete paver flooring.

  • Garages. Protect you vehicles inside your garage from any skidding accident by choosing concrete paver for its flooring.

Most Popular:  

                    Interlock Decor                                                 City Square and Double Holland        
Interlock Decor Concrete Pavers
City Square and Double Holland Concrete Pavers

Classico Concrete Pavers
                    Appius                                                                                  Holland
Holland Concrete PaversAppius Concrete Pavers

PICP Collection (Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers): 

Permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICP) consists of manufactured concrete units that reduce stormwater runoff volume, rate, and pollutants. The impervious units are designed with small openings between permeable joints. The openings typically comprise 5% to 15% of the paver surface area and are filled with highly permeable, small-sized aggregates. The joints allow stormwater to enter a crushed stone aggregate bedding layer and base that supports the pavers while providing storage and runoff treatment. PICPs are highly attractive, durable, easily repaired, require low maintenance, and can withstand heavy vehicle loads.

                   Enviro-Holland                                                                 Interlock Turfstone 
Interlock Turfstone Concrete PaversEnviro-Holland Concrete Pavers


                                                       Interlock Eco                                                                      Four Seasons
Four Seasons Concrete PaversInterlock Eco Concrete Pavers


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