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Irrigation systems keep your landscape healthy and protect your investment in beautiful outdoor space. They are the most convenient and efficient way to give greenery the water it needs; with our professional design and installation you can conserve water, too. Irrigation systems allow you to put away the hose and save water.

When most folks think of irrigation systems they think of lawn sprinklers.  That is just a small part of a much bigger picture!  We are designing for you an irrigation system that takes into account future growth and water needs, too. Lawns and grounds are individualized, so our design for you is customized. You may have terraces and stair-step landscape design, slopes, pots and planters. We want to keep the patio or porch dry, and yet get close enough to your house so that the shrubs are watered. Our deep experience in landscaping and irrigation systems gives you the answers you need. There are two basic ways to irrigate a lawn and garden: Sprinklers or Drip irrigation.

If you choose sprinklers, a key component it is the sprinkler head. We offer expert recommendations on how high the head should pop-up; the kind of nozzle that best distributes water; whether a 360-degree rotation works; how to avoid runoff. We have answers to all of the critical questions. Our firm was founded on design and installation of irrigation systems. We have kept our skill sharp and our grasp of new technology current, even as we have expanded into landscape design and installation, too.  You have electronic control available to program, monitor, and operate irrigation systems from a central location. It can be a touch pad, hand-held or software to give you control on a computer. We program the controller after the system has been installed.

Drip irrigation is considered to be 90% efficient (sprinklers are not far behind). That means very little water is wasted to runoff. Drip irrigation will not work as effectively on a large lawn, but is perfect for a garden or small outdoor living space. These irrigation systems are sometimes called “trickle irrigation”, because it describes what happens: water slowly trickles out of the buried plumbing and into the soil, where it soaks in before it can evaporate. An added feature is that it delivers the water to the roots. Most people think of keeping grass greenYour design will take care of more than the lawn. When we design an irrigation system, we pay attention to the most expensive plants -- trees. Trees are usually selected as a long-term investment in the property. Trees need long-term consideration. Often, newly planted trees should have their own “zone”; that is, valves or tubing that precisely control the application of water. New trees can literally drown. As they age, sometimes these “zones” are turned off as roots spread and take water farther from the trunk.

We feature the outstanding products of Rain Bird and Hunter
irrigation development and manufacturing experts. How irrigation systems perform, and how long they last, depend upon our expert design and installation. A professional automatic watering system is a good investment that you can make to have greener grass, healthier plants, and much more free time. Professional advice insures you conserve water, lower your water bill, and see a lush, thriving lawn. By one estimate, 25 percent of the water used in the average household is wasted by inefficient landscape irrigation practices. Irrigation systems are about plumbing, and preservation of your landscape.

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