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Summer is tough on grass. Heat, drought, and foot traffic stress it out. Feeding your lawn in the summer protects and strengthens it against these problems. Lawns in warm-season grass areas such as Virginia should be fed over the summer months as they grow steadily from spring to fall.

In addition to the increasing temperatures another threat to your lawn are insects such as Japanese beetles and other grub. Japanese beetles and other grub can wreak havoc in a garden by feeding on the leaves of a number of different plants, skeletonizing the leaves and eventually defoliating the plants. While an individual Japanese beetle doesn’t do that much damage while feeding on a plant, they tend to assemble in great numbers and can easily defoliate shrubs and trees. They also cause damage to lawns by feeding on the roots of grass. The only way to protect your lawn and plants is to have preventative insecticide applied.

Though many people try to solve pest problems themselves in an effort to save money, using Jones Curb Appeal can provide better results and may even cost less in the long run. Jones Curb Appeal uses a combination fertilizer and grub control that lasts much longer than those available to consumers, and our experience allows us to treat insects closest to where they nest and congregate. It is recommended that the control is applied between the middle of June and mid-August in order to give it time to work into the lawn before the main grub feeding time in early fall.

If you are already experiencing Japanese beetle infestation or have never treated grubs in the past, we also provide insecticide application that kills Japanese beetles and other insects on contact and also has a residual effect, lasting up to a month or more depending on weather conditions.

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