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Leaf Removal

Image of fall leaves shaped into a heart

In order to promote healthy growth of the underlying grass, fallen leaves need to be removed.

While some people like to wait until the end of the season to get rid of the leaves, we recommend that the removal is performed a few times during the fall season in order to be sure the coverage doesn't get too thick. When grass becomes buried beneath smothering layers of leaves, it is deprived of the air, water, and nutrients it needs to survive, and it becomes a breeding ground for fungi and insects. In addition, leaves shade the grass, preventing it from receiving the sunlight it needs to thrive.

THE GOOD NEWS is you no longer need to break your back in order to get rid of them. Jones Curb Appeal provides thorough leaf clean-up and removal services. Whether its picking a few piles of leaves or an enormous quantity, our mobile vacuum system allows us to haul away any and all unwanted fall debris.

Full leaf removal service is available along with curbside pickup for those customers who prefer to rake your own leaves to the street.

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