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Crew Member for Tree Crew (Groundsman and/or Aerial Lift Operator)

Smithfield, VA, USA

About the Role

As a valuable member of our Tree Crew, you will contribute to the health and beauty of outdoor spaces by performing a range of tree care and maintenance tasks. Your role is essential in ensuring the proper care, pruning, and removal of trees in accordance with industry standards and client expectations.


Tree Maintenance:
-Execute tree pruning, trimming, and shaping activities to enhance aesthetics and promote tree health.
-Perform routine inspections to identify and address potential issues, such as diseases or infestations.

Tree Removal:
-Safely and skillfully remove trees when necessary, adhering to safety protocols and guidelines.
-Collaborate with crew members to ensure efficient and careful tree removal.

Equipment Operation:
-Operate and maintain tree care equipment, including chainsaws, chippers, and aerial lifts.
-Conduct routine checks and report any equipment issues promptly.

Safety Compliance:
-Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines during all tree care activities.
-Participate in safety meetings and contribute to a culture of safety within the team.

Client Interaction:
-Interact with clients in a professional and courteous manner.
-Address client inquiries, provide expert advice, and ensure client satisfaction.

Clean-Up and Debris Removal:
-Remove tree debris and ensure the work area is left clean and organized.
-Dispose of debris in an environmentally responsible manner.

Team Collaboration:
-Work collaboratively with other tree crew members and team leaders.
-Communicate effectively to coordinate tasks and achieve project goals.


  • Previous experience in tree care, pruning, and removal.

  • Knowledge of tree species, diseases, and proper care practices.

  • Comfortable working at heights and using tree care equipment.

  • Physical fitness and stamina to handle the demands of outdoor labor.

  • Strong attention to detail and commitment to quality work.

  • Valid driver's license may be required.

About the Company

At Jones Curb Appeal, we are more than just a landscaping company; we are a team dedicated to enhancing the beauty and health of outdoor spaces. As we continue to grow, we're on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our team in providing top-notch lawn care, tree removal, and mowing services. If you are committed to excellence and thrive in a customer-centric environment, consider a fulfilling career with us.

To apply, please call (757) 818 - 3248 or fill out the form below and state which position you want to apply for. We look forward to hearing from you!

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